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Wacky Adventures with IZ, Idaho, and Phantom. (ft. Bill Cipher & Whitty)

Posted by Dang3rN00dl3 - June 18th, 2021

Chapter one

“So. We’re all stuck in this box with very limited room, and some of us are very claustrophobic, and I know half of you. What do we do?”

“Is that a hypothetical question?”

“No. No, it’s not.”

“Can you both shut up?”

“Can you shut up?”

“Ok, this is getting very irritating very quickly.”

That conversation continued like that for five minutes, until one of my friends, Whitty, decided to point out the obvious (and stop the fighting). “Can we all stop bickering? We’re trapped in this box as Idaho pointed out, so we need to get out.”

Bill sighed heavily, and everyone turned to look at him. “What?”

After being quiet for a long time, Phantom said, “Bill, can’t you magic a way out of here?”

Bill considered that after hearing it out of Phantom’s mouth, and slowly said, “Weeeell… I suppose I could. Buuut…”

I rushed over to Phantom. “No. Just magic us out.”

Bill flipped me off, and Whitty snickered. “Ok, fine. Stand back. If your molecules get disassembled and spread out across space, I do not care.” He did some weird thing that made his hands glow with blue fire, then a portal out of the box appeared.

“Ah! Finally!” Whitty said, stepping through the portal and stretching. “Oh, that feels good.”

“Yeah, ok Long-Legs,” Bill said, floating out of the portal.

Whitty flipped Bill off this time. “Ok, break it up, boys,” Phantom said, stepping out of the portal.

I had trouble getting out because when Bill made the portal, he made it too high for me to jump out of. “Um.. a little help?”

Phantom reached over to pick her up and out of the hole, but right at that moment, Bill snapped his fingers. The portal started shrinking, and Phantom yanked her hands back. “Idaho! Wait, Bill, open the portal again!”

Whitty shot his hands out to try and grab me, and he just barely managed to. He sighed in relief and put me down. “Bill, what in the hell was that? You could’ve trapped Idaho there forever!”

Bill stammered for a little while, then threw up his hands. “Ok, so maybe I have ill intentions for Idaho, but has anyone considered how I felt?”

What?” Phantom glared at Bill. “How you feel? Bill, you could’ve separated me from my wife for an eternity, and your pride is hurt?”

Whitty stepped in and shushed Phantom. “Now’s not the time to be absolutely pissed at Bill, even though I want to go ballistic on him. Now’s the time to wonder where the hell we are.”

Good idea, Whitty. Point out the obvious that we’re not in Ridgeway. Or New York..”

“Captin Obvious strikes again.” Bill sneered. “If you haven’t noticed, we’re standing on a rock. In the middle of space.”

Phantom tapped her foot. “If only IZ was here…”


“They’re my friend. No offense, Bill, but she’s a much cooler demon. Purple hair, nice eyepatch, and she are overall a better being.”


Whitty put a hand on Bill’s shoulder. “Hey. Right now we need to focus on the task at hand. Getting back home. You could’ve just made a portal right back to Earth, y’know.”

“Well I- I mean I couldn’t have... It-it was too much energy!”

I turned to my wife. “Do you have any way to contact IZ?”

Phantom thought for a moment. “She told me she could come if I yelled... She wasn’t very- AAAH!” Bill stamped on Phantom’s foot, causing her to cry out.

“Bill Cipher! What the heck?” Phantom and I both yelled at the triangular demon.

He shrugged. “It was for the lols. And besides, I don’t see any purple-haired demons.” He shrugged again. “I guess I’m the superior demon because I am here right now.”

Whitty sighed. “Well, we’re stuck here. Who feels like-”

“Sorry I’m late- a lot of traffic. So, why are you guys stuck here?” an unfamiliar light-skinned girl was suddenly leaning on Whitty as if she’d always been there. “And what kind of drama did I miss?”

(What do you guys think? I'll post a chapter two if y'all like it.)